About Us

DreamAI is a company based in Islamabad Pakistan specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We are also Google Cloud partner and have substantial experience of developing AI/ML based solutions for customers on Google Cloud Platform in collaboration with other Google Cloud partners in the North American region.

We are involved in complete life cycle of AI/ML projects from problem understanding, solution design, data collection and processing, model building, deployment and model life cycle management on all major Cloud Platforms and also on-premises deployments.

Our team is thoroughly trained in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for videos, images, text, speech, tabular and graph data.

We rely on proven, well accepted best practices in training advanced Deep Learning models and their deployment in a diverse set of environments. We work closely with customers throughout the project’s life cycle and deliver reliable, working solutions that delivers real business value.


What We Do?

Help medical professionals detect disease by building state-of-the-art deep learning models for medical image analysis

Build prototype and proof-of-concept for AI applications in initial stages to build business cases and secure funding for future development

Infrastructure and lifecycle management for AI applications with full DevOps lifecycle including continuous integration, deployment and automated upgrades

Developing large-scale machine learning (ML) applications with Active Learning

Customization and adaptation of common Deep Learning models for business use cases through Transfer Learning

AWS Cloud based ML project deployment

Consulting for machine learning projects and develop business cases

What is our industry expertise?

Finance and Insurance

What is our business model?

We don’t have large corporation overheads or layers of hierarchies that multiplies cost of doing business and create inefficiencies. With a flat organizational structure where engineering and business development working together on behalf of our customers, DreamAI is focused on efficiency and sharing benefits with our customers. In addition to providing software design and development services to our customers, we are continuously busy in developing the team, updating skills, and building products with startup businesses.